2022 Mining Emergency Response Competition

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This year marked the 12th Mining Emergency Response Competition (MERC) –  an annual Perth event that showcases and provides world-class emergency rescue and skill building exercises for volunteer mines rescue teams. 

On the 26th and 27th of November, 14 Mines emergency response teams went head-to-head at the 2022 Mining and Emergency Response Competition at Langley park, Perth, Western Australia. 

The Mining and Emergency Response Competition provides a unique and invaluable opportunity for mine emergency response teams to test their trained skills against the industry standard. It also gives these responders the opportunity to showcase to friends and families their lifesaving skills, with spectators enjoying 2 days of heart stopping action. 

SETS was thrilled to once again be a bronze sponsor of MERC – sponsoring the Hazmat event. 


Congratulations to the following teams for their overall wins:

First Place: FMG Chichester

Second Place: Rio Tinto Supply Chain and Services

Third Place: Newmont Boddington Gold

Photo source: https://www.themerc.com.au/


Best Medic: Tom Curtis, FMG Chichester

Best Captain: Gavi Kombuaya, FMG Chichester

Overall first aid: FMG Chichester

Overall Breathing Apparatus: Rio Tinto Supply Chain and Services

Team Safety: FMG Chichester

Outstanding Volunteer: Steve McPherson


The teams performed 7 emergency rescues over the weekend for the 7 key emergency response scenarios:


Confined Space Rescue 

Entering and working in confined spaces is an important part of the mining industry in Western Australia and is a routine activity for many of the mining employees and contractors. Therefore, the Confined Space Rescue scenario provides a key opportunity to exercise these refined skills. This scenario was won by Northern Star Resources emergency response team. 


Hazardous Material (Hazmat)

Hazardous Material Rescue or HAZMAT can occur as a result of transportation, storage and usage of hazardous materials and chemicals which are necessities for the mining industry in Western Australia. The mining emergency response teams found themselves in a scenario where 2 casualties had been exposed to hazardous materials leaving them with physical injury and sight impairment. The team from Rio Tinto Pilbara mining operations won the HAZMAT overall. 

Photo source: https://www.themerc.com.au/


Firefighting and Breathing Apparatus

Firefighting Emergency Response is a common but dangerous emergency situation on Western Australian mine sites and firefighting personnel must be equipped with proficient skills to act and respond to the situations. The 2022 MERC scenario was simple but challenging. The fire emergency scenario was won by the FMG Chichester team.  

Photo source: https://www.themerc.com.au/


First Aid

An integral part of all emergency response situations, First Aid Emergency Response consists of a series of simple but lifesaving techniques to stabilise and care for patients with minimal equipment. Overall the Rio Tinto Supply Chain and Services team took out the title for this scenario. 

Photo source: https://www.themerc.com.au/


Road Crash Rescue

These emergency scenarios have been known to be one of the “biggest epidemics of modern time”. In the Road Crash Rescue scenario, the emergency response teams had to navigate the controlled release of casualties from crashed vehicle entrapment. The Newmont Boddington Gold team won this scenario overall. 


Vertical Rescue (Height or Depth)

Emergency Vertical Rescue response either at heights or at depth can be tedious and dangerous. Common in Western Australian mines, the emergency rescue scenario saw teams having to perform a vertical rescue at heights. The team to take out this win was the team from Newmont Boddington Gold.

Photo source: https://www.themerc.com.au/


Emergency Response Team Readiness

This scenario is developed to test and challenge the physical and mental capabilities of the emergency response teams in Emergency Rescue Operations. The teams must retain an adequate level of aerobic and anaerobic fitness. The FMG Chichester team were the winners of the ERT Readiness scenario. 


Well done to all the teams who competed, it was fantastic to see you all able to execute the refined skills required for safety and emergency situations. 

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