Confined Space Rescue

PUASAR025 Undertake Confined Space Rescue RIIERR301E Respond to work site incidents RIIRIS301E Apply risk management processes
  • 795
  • 2 Days (10 Hours per day)
  • Balcatta

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Course Outline

This unit covers the competency required to identify and plan risk management strategies and to prepare and execute incident responses whilst undertaking rescues in confined spaces, as defined in AS 2865-2009 Confined spaces, as a member within the emergency services, volunteer organisations and/or organisations where confined space work is performed.

Permits may be required to perform work in a confined space in various jurisdictions.

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Course Outcomes

  • Plan and prepare for risk management
  • Identify and assess unacceptable risk and recommend risk controls that may eliminate or miminise hazards
  • Plan, prepare and respond to incidents and prepare control points
  • Prepare for confined space rescue operation
  • Assess and manage confined space rescue
  • Determine location and condition of casualties
  • Gain entry to confined space
  • Remove casualties
  • Conclude rescue operations

Students who attend and successfully meet all assessment requirements of the course will receive a nationally recognised statement of attainment with the following unit of competency: PUASAR025 Undertake confined space rescue, RIIERR301E Respond to work site incidents and RIIRIS301E Apply risk management processes

There is a maximum number of 10 participants per program.


To meet the course requirements, students must:

Have sufficient English language, literacy and numeracy skills to read instructions and write assessments

  • Provide their USI on enrolment
  • Provide proof of identity, e.g. drivers licence
  • Be physically fit and able to carry at least 20 kgs of weight
  • Be clean shaven as per AS 1715
  • Be able to manage feelings of claustrophobia
  • Be able to manage feelings of fear of height.
  • Be able to climb ladders or stairs under load
  • Wear or bring long sleeve, long pants or overalls, safety boots, safety glasses, sun hat

It is essential that the prerequisite units listed below are obtained prior to the issuance of this unit to individuals within the fire sector or the units contributing to the attainment of a fire qualification.*

  • PUAFIR306 Identify, detect and monitor hazardous materials at an incident (not mandatory in non-fire sector operations)
  • PUASAR022 Participate in a rescue operation

SETS Required pre-requisite:

  • PUASAR032 Undertake vertical rescue
  • PUAFIR207 Operate breathing apparatus open circuit

OR evidence of demonstrated previous experience in the emergency services sector in wearing BA and undertaking vertical rescue skills training.


*The fire sector is those sections of government departments, statutory authorities or organisations that have responsibility under jurisdictional arrangements for the delivery of firefighting and fire management services

Students are required to be able to complete the following tasks:

  • communicate with others clearly and concisely, verbally and in writing
  • find and use relevant information
  • read and comply with work instructions and specifications
  • read and record measurements
  • record and report information neatly and legibly

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