SETS Balcatta Training Facility for High Risk and Emergency Response Training in Western Australia

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SETS (Safety and Emergency Training Services) has been operating since 1998 and has provided extensive safety and emergency training experiences to thousands of participants.

In 2019, we custom built a new training facility to cater for an increasing number of students and clients and to be able to deliver more realistic scenarios in safety and emergency training. We remain one of the first choices when it comes to the industry’s training needs.


Three (3) things you need to know about SETS Emergency Response Training facility in Perth Western Australia.


1.   Tools and Equipment

Our safety and emergency response training facility is well equipped with all the tools and equipment in order to prepare students for real-life situations. Our safety and emergency equipment is regularly inspected and tested and is used in all different kinds of scenarios.

Our tools and equipment include;

  • Ambulances, first aid and medical equipment including AED’s (Defibrillators), mannikins (adults and babies), training epipens, inhalers, tourniquets and a variety of bandages and splints to respond to an array of first response incidents.
  • Breathing apparatus, distress signal units, entry and exit protocols and equipment. A main component of all emergency training is selecting the correct level of PPE associated with the incident. SETS has your back, we provide helmets, gloves, boots and the correct level of emergency jackets and pants, so no need to buy PPE. Students will be ready to enter a dark and smoke (smoke machine) filled environment simulating a potential fire or hazardous material incident.
  • Real cars that have been involved in road crashes, students gain hands-on experience using a variety of cutting and powered tools and spreaders (jaws of life) to perform an effective casualty extraction using one of our stretchers, specific to the type of scenario.
  • Tripods, ropes, harnesses, stretchers and hardware including karabiners, descenders and pulleys are used to teach students to tie an array of ropes and put together simple and complex rope rescue systems. This allows them to feel the adrenaline rush of ‘stepping over an edge’ of our vertical rescue tower for the first time whilst harnessed and supported by their fellow students or rescuing a casualty from a confined space.
  • Fire trucks (fire appliances), hoses, extinguishers, branches, forcible entry tools, ventilation fans and structures with gas props to create real fires where students feel the reality of heat and flames associated with fighting a fire.
  • Gas detection equipment to detect hazardous materials, fully encapsulated gas tight suits whilst wearing breathing apparatus, chemical splash suits, rubber boots, gloves and decontamination equipment will provide students a real insight into responding to a hazardous materials (HAZMAT) or dangerous goods incident.
  • Drug and alcohol testing equipment, Australian Standards, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and other legislative documents and forms are referred to and used in all our training, two-way radios and communication equipment are also used to receive and transmit information between students and instructors.


2.   Custom Built Training Facility

Our custom-built training facility is well-equipped with everything needed for training large groups of public students and client groups.

SETS Enterprises has two large-sized air-conditioned classrooms used to deliver all the theoretical components of training. A communal lunchroom equipped with microwaves, fridges, vending machines, tea & coffee facilities and secure lockers. Students can also access shower and change room facilities within the training facility and washer/dryers to maintain and clean PPE and equipment.

Our Balcatta training facility has various indoor and outdoor training zones for each type of safety and emergency scenario. The indoor zone includes a 3-level vertical rescue tower used for working at heights and vertical rescue, two sea containers to simulate working in confined spaces and in smoke and darkness. The outdoor training zone is utilised for road crash rescue, Hazmat, fire extinguisher and hose drill training and so much more.

All training zones are designed to help participants experience real-life scenarios and prepare them for working in high risk safety and emergency rescue scenarios.


3.   Industry Expert Trainers and Assessors

SETS Enterprises employs a range of expert industry professionals to deliver nationally accredited training, skills maintenance and verification of competency training. Our trainers and assessors come from a variety of different sectors including Defence forces, DFES, underground mines, surface mines and St Johns. SETS Trainers specialise in a number of disciplines, e.g. vertical rescue, first aid, HAZMAT, fire etc and are passionate about keeping themselves current in industry and strive to follow best practice.

Our trainers and support staff ensure that all participants experience as close to a real-life situation as possible, preparing them to deal with the physical and mental challenges they will face if and when the situation arises.


4.   Location

Our headquarters is conveniently located in Balcatta, just 20 minutes north of Perth, Western Australia and contains the training facility as well as our management team and administrators of our departments; Training, Equipment and Vehicle Sales and Hire and Personnel division (mobilisation of staff).

Staff are generally available between the hours of 7am – 5pm to provide support and answer your queries.


SETS Enterprises is a leading safety and emergency training provider in Australia. If you’re looking to book high risk and/or emergency response training, please visit our Courses website or talk to SETS today.



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