A highly trained workforce is only as good as the tools at its disposal.

In the event of an emergency or fire on a remote site, it’s vital you have the latest rescue and medical equipment on hand at all times, ready to roll. We can ensure your worksite is set up for success, with supply and hire of everything from emergency vehicles and trailers, right down to first aid kits.

Not sure what you need for the project or job? Get in touch for an obligation free safety consultation to ensure your team is ready to respond to emergencies without hesitation.

We supply high level equipment for the following emergency and safety scenarios.

confinedspacerescue scaled

Confined Space Rescue

mines rescue training perth wa 243 1 scaled

Fire Fighting

confinedspacerescue scaled

First Aid & Medical

roadcrashrescue scaled

Road Crash Rescue

verticalrescue scaled

Vertical Rescue

hazmat2 scaled


sets enterprises mines rescue training perth wa scaled


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