SETS Mobilisation Projects keeping WA worksites safe. 

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How SETS Mobilisation Projects can keep your worksites safe in Western Australia. 


In rural and remote Western Australian working sites, emergency incidents can happen at any time. That’s why it’s crucial to have a reliable emergency response plan and team in place to handle any situation that may arise.

SETS Enterprises provides end-to-end emergency response services for rural, regional and remote working sites in Western Australia. The two key pillars of our mobilisation projects include a fleet of emergency response and rescue service vehicles and a talent pool of trained emergency response personnel to crew them.


SETS Enterprises’ emergency response and rescue mobilisation teams are efficient, effective, and tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.



One of the key features of SETS Enterprises’ mobilisation services is our fleet of emergency response service vehicles. These vehicles include: 

  • Fast Attack Response Vehicle: These 4WD vehicles are fitted out with fire response tools and can respond quickly and efficiently to fire emergencies. 
  • 4WD Ambulance: Whether it’s our Boxed Ambulances or our Vans, these life-saving vehicles are equipped with all the necessary safety and emergency response equipment to carry out rescue operations and aid personnel in providing emergency first aid or patient transfer.



In addition to our emergency vehicles, SETS Enterprises also has a talent pool of trained emergency response personnel. These professionals have completed their Certificate III in Emergency Response and Rescue under the guidance of industry leading trainers. This training program is designed to prepare students for all types of emergency response scenarios using our fully-equipped training facility in Balcatta, Western Australia.



Along with the personnel and vehicles, SETS Enterprises can also provide all the equipment required to undergo emergency response and rescue operations. From harnesses, breathing apparatus, road crash rescue tools and PPE to medical equipment and firefighting tools, we can provide the right tools to ensure personnel are properly prepared and equipped at all times.  


SETS Enterprises provides a comprehensive emergency response service that is specifically curated for working sites in both the metropolitan areas and remote working sites. With our fleet of emergency vehicles, equipment and trained personnel, clients can rest assured that they are in safe hands in the case of any emergency. 


If you’re looking for reliable and effective end-to-end emergency response services for your work site, speak to our team today about our mobilisation projects. 

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