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Your workforce is trained and ready to respond. Your worksite is set up with the tools to take action. It’s all systems go.

Yet what happens when a situation requires expertise that falls outside of your onsite capabilities? SETS has a team of highly trained, experienced professionals for hire, ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice and perform with precision in extreme pressure situations.


When operating a remote event or worksite, you need a medical team that is ready to respond without hesitation. At SETS, our medics are fully screened and cleared, highly qualified professionals with extensive experience responding to dangerous situations at events, mine sites and workplaces, no matter how remote. Whether setting up a medical centre or operating mobile to treat those in need, with SETS medics, your health is in our hands.

Security Personnel

Before undertaking a dangerous job or holding an event, it’s critical you’re prepared to meet all duty of care requirements. By hiring your security personnel through SETS, you’re guaranteed experienced, comprehensively trained professionals. Take confidence knowing each Security Officer has been comprehensively screened and assessed to ensure they are qualified, show initiative and respond under high pressure situations.

Emergency Service Officers

Empower your workforce with a SETS Emergency Service Officer (ESO). Each ESO is the best of the best, professionally trained to react without hesitation under even the most difficult circumstances. Armed with extensive previous experience in OHS, Duty of Care, and industry-specific training, whatever the emergency, you’re ready to respond with an ESO by your side.

Health Safety and Environmental Personnel

All major public events and work sites need Health, Safety and Environment personnel to help support and administer medical aid if an accident occurs. These individuals’ skills can range from professional medics, registered nurses, poisons experts and human resources.

Registered Nurses

When injuries occur in remote locations and you can’t call 000, every second is precious -you need someone with extensive emergency training and medical knowledge ready to respond. Having a SETS registered nurse on hand to aid an injured patient’s transfer to hospital by land or air can be truly lifesaving. Fully qualified and highly experienced, our nurses are fast problem solvers that work well both on their own or alongside medics to provide high-class medical help in high-pressure emergencies.

Poison Permit

In rural or remote locations isolated from hospitals and medical centres, having a Poison Permit Holder present at your site can save lives. SETS has medical professionals equipped with these permits. With the ability to purchase and administer certain medicines at certain locations under Poisons Act (1964), we’ll give you and your employees access to the best emergency medicine.

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