SV100 arrives at SETS!

 In Fire & Emergency

Hire fleet expands to 100 Emergency Response Vehicles  

It’s an exciting time for the team at SETS Enterprises as we welcomed the 100th vehicle in our vehicle hire fleet – the SV100, a state-of-art Tatra Fire Appliance.


One of our largest and most impressive vehicles in the fleet, this emergency response firefighting appliance is a CAS 30 – T 815 4×4.2, which is designed specifically to carry a crew of up to 6 emergency response and rescue, firefighting personnel.


SV100 is fitted out with the necessary emergency response and rescue accessories for firefighting emergencies in urban, regional and remote mine sites across Western Australia. This includes the application and deployment of high or low pressure water and foam, with a 3000L water tank capacity and a foam concentration tank capacity of 260L.


The 4×4 specialist off-road firefighting appliance will provide remote mine sites in Western Australia the ability to respond to emergencies involving fire in areas inaccessible by other vehicles. The truck will not only be able to operate in rough WA outback terrain but has a robust and highly unique backbone frame which offers a high level of protection, safety and durability. 


Our new off-road firefighting truck has travelled from the Czech Republic from the award-winning Tatra Truck company, who have been manufacturing and producing firefighting trucks and emergency response vehicles for over 120 years. Their unique trucks are recognised for their suspended swinging half axles, powerful engines and combined suspension systems. The drive quality of the Tatra Trucks are second-to-none, making SV100 the most highly recognised and regarded emergency response vehicle in our fleet. 


The demand of our SV100 has already seen this vehicle being leased almost upon arrival, with two more SV100s ordered to continue expanding our vehicle hire fleet.  

For enquiries on hiring any of our vehicles, please contact Michael via email at or phone SETS HQ at (08) 9240 5191.

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