About Us

Setting the safety standard since ‘98.

Since 1998, SETS has proudly flown the flag as a leading provider of safety and emergency training, personnel and equipment in Australia and overseas, expanding our offering over the decades to meet the needs of evolving sites and industries.

Today, the cornerstones of our company continue to drive us to help thousands of Australians not only become qualified members of the workforce, but create safer, more responsive worksites across a range of industries, from petrochemical to marine, mining, construction, oil + gas, private and public sectors with: 


Explore the 20+ safety and emergency training courses we offer.


Browse our pool of talented safety and emergency personnel.


We hire and sell a variety of safety and emergency equipment.


We hire and sell a variety of safety and emergency vehicles.


Our mission is simple – to ensure worksites across Australia and overseas are ready for any emergency situation that arises. Through providing the highest quality emergency response training, personnel and equipment, we arm workers with the tools and skills to confidently act without hesitation.

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