Job Spotlight – ESO (Emergency Services Officer)

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A job description commonly heard in the mining industry in Western Australia, ESOs are always in demand! Here’s everything you need to know about the role of an Emergency Services Officer.

What is an ESO?

In the first crucial moments of an emergency, being able to respond with knowledge and confidence, in a timely and effective manner can mean the difference between life and death. If an emergency arises on site, are the employees and facilities adequately prepared? Are there sufficient response protocols in place? Do the emergency services need to be called? Who will take charge? These are the responsibility of the ESO!

An ESO is a qualified, multi-skilled professional, trained to respond to emergency situations and ensure the worksite and its personnel maintain the required safety standards before and during an emergency. From preparation to response, ESOs have extensive duties, and are typically the first responders to an incident on site. 

What does an ESO do?

Generally, the primary goal of an ESO is to ensure the safety of personnel using both proactive and reactive measures. Before emergencies, ESOs will ensure readiness by aiding in the design and implementation of response procedures, helping to maintain safety and first aid equipment, and they may also assist in training personnel. In the case of an emergency, an ESO is expected to be a first responder. They may have to administer first aid, use safety and rescue equipment, and coordinate with employees and emergency services. Essentially, an ESO must assist in all aspects of emergency preparation and response.

Who is suited to being an ESO?

Due to the range of the role, it takes an individual with a varied skill set. On one hand, you must be highly organised and thorough to ensure that the facility conforms with safety and emergency standards. On the other, in the first crucial moments of an emergency, you must be able to remain calm and rational in a fast-paced environment. Of course the ability to effectively communicate without hesitation under even the most difficult circumstances is essential.

Typical industries ESOs work in?

An ESOs varied skill set generally covers medical, security, fire and rescue, giving them the ability to work in many industries. Any industry that has stringent safety standards or a high risk of an emergency occurring requires an ESO. Some industries that employ ESOs include; petrochemical, marine, mining, construction, oil and gas.

How do you become an ESO?

To become an ESO, you must have a broad range of skills, training, and qualifications. There are general skills and qualifications that employers will look for, such as communications or first aid, and more specific skills depending on the industry, such as mine response and rescue. Here are some of the qualifications and training that may be required:

The most important aspect of becoming an ESO is to receive the highest quality training from a reputable training provider. SETS is a leading training provider that specialises in safety, emergency, and rescue training to ensure you’re ready to respond filled with the knowledge and confidence to spring into action in any emergency situation. All of the above training is offered by SETS, check out our courses here. 

Once you hold the necessary qualifications you may be eligible to join our SETS Enterprises Personnel Pool. We are always in search of Emergency Services Officers for short and long-term positions.

Not sure where to start? Feel free to contact us for more information, our highly experienced team are here to help.

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