A Game-Changing Tool for Emergency Response and Rescue

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A Game-Changing Tool for Emergency Response and Rescue: The SETS Emergency Response Aide Memoire.

In emergency situations, quick and effective responses can make all the difference. Whether you’re an Emergency Service Officer (ESO), a first responder, or someone who values preparedness, having the right information and tools at your fingertips is crucial. That’s where the SETS Emergency Response Aide Memoire comes in. 

This pocket-sized guidebook is designed to be a game-changer, providing essential information, acronyms, and documentation capabilities for emergency response and rescue scenarios. In this blog post, we will explore the key features and benefits of this invaluable tool.


Key Features of the SETS Emergency Response Aide Guide:

Pocket-sized Guidebook:

The aide memoire contains a comprehensive collection of key information relevant to various emergency response disciplines. It serves as a quick reference guide, enabling emergency personnel to access critical details instantly. By organising essential data in a concise and easily navigable format, the guidebook ensures that emergency responders have the information they need at their fingertips.

Documentation Capabilities:

For ESOs and other emergency personnel, documenting incidents accurately and promptly is vital. The SETS Emergency Response Aide Memoire features a contemporaneous notebook, providing a designated space to record crucial details. This feature allows for efficient incident documentation, ensuring accurate reporting and facilitating post-incident analysis.

Customised Tools:

To further enhance its usability, the aide memoire includes a custom black ink pen. This pen is designed to withstand demanding conditions, enabling emergency responders to write legibly even in challenging environments. The inclusion of this practical tool ensures that responders can rely on the aide memoire to capture essential information accurately.

Personal Identification and Emergency Contacts:

In emergency situations, time is of the essence. The SETS Emergency Response Aide Memoire includes a small card where owners can write their personal details and emergency contacts. This feature ensures that responders can quickly identify the owner of the Aide Memoire and access the necessary emergency contacts to coordinate a swift and effective response.

Durable and Professional Design:

The Aide Memoire’s embossed black leather feel cover not only adds a touch of professionalism but also provides durability. This design feature ensures that the tool can withstand the rigours of emergency response scenarios. Its compact size allows for easy portability, making it convenient to carry at all times.


In times of crisis, having the right tools and information readily available is essential for effective emergency response and rescue operations. The SETS Emergency Response Aide Memoire offers a compact, yet comprehensive solution for emergency service officers, first responders, and individuals seeking to be prepared. Its pocket-sized guidebook, documentation capabilities, customised tools, personal identification feature, and durable design make it an invaluable asset in emergency situations. Invest in the SETS Emergency Response Aide Memoire today and equip yourself with the vital resources needed to save lives and ensure a prompt and effective response.


To purchase the SETS Aide Memoire reach out to our friendly team today. Phone the office on (08) 9240 5191 or email us at admin@setservices.com.au

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