The Importance of a paramedic on mine sites

 In Fire & Emergency

Paramedics play a pivotal role in the mining industry. They are often the first and only responders to an injury or illness within a mine site. 

Paramedics are also responsible for implementing occupational health and safety measures of the mining industry on top of their traditional role as first responders. 

Because of this, paramedics are often required to work with other health and safety professionals to create preventative strategies to reduce the number of work and non-work-related injuries and illnesses within mine sites. 


Tasks of a Paramedic on mine sites

Paramedics are often tasked with the following operational duties while on-site:

  • Undertake initial and follow-up treatment for injuries and illnesses as required, including all documentation of treatments and management of health records, as per operating procedures.
  • Assist the monitoring of returning injured employees through an effective rehabilitation program.
  • Lead training courses and sessions in first aid, medical treatment, and other health-related subjects.
  • Assist in the development of a Health Medical and Wellness Promotion Program.
  • Assist in the development and training of site emergency response teams.


But the role of a paramedic on a mine site is more than just operational, their key responsibilities can also include:

  • Client and Customer Management to deliver the highest quality occupational health services tailored to the site’s needs
  • Workplace Health and Safety to create a positive culture that complies with WHS policies and procedures  
  • Financial duties to manage the costs 


Why work in the mining industry?

The benefit for paramedics to work in the mining emergency services is that you receive all the perks of becoming a FIFO worker. This means that you get to stay within the field of work that you love and enjoy within a new and exciting environment.

  • Financial rewards: Paramedics in mining emergency services receive great financial remuneration for their contributions to the worksite. Just like any other FIFO worker, you can expect to be rewarded for working in remote locations. 
  • Extended holidays: Another great perk are extended holidays. Depending on the rosters you choose, you can enjoy extended days off to recover, recharge, and spend quality time with your family and friends. 
  • Comfortable work-life: Companies make sure that their workers are taken care of. Many FIFO contracts come with accommodation and daily meals. Entire donga communities have been made for your comfort.
  • Leave work at work: Forget about being on-call when you’re home! The roster system allows you to completely separate their home and work life, so you can truly forget about work when you’re home. 


Ready to work in mining emergency services? If you think you have what it takes, we are always on the lookout for fresh new talent for Western Australia mine sites. Express your interest by sending your resume to us today at

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