South32 Get a New 6×6

On August 8, SETS handed over the keys to a beautiful new CAS 30-T 815-7 6×6 Water Tender to South32. The new truck will be put to work on the South32 mines to assist their emergency response teams in reducing danger and damage during an emergency. The truck was custom fitted with a number of special features by our friends over at TATRA to perfectly suit the needs of South32.


South32 are a mining and metals company headquartered in Perth with mine locations around Australia, South Africa, and South America. The benefit of having such a vehicle on a mine site allows emergency teams to respond immediately to a variety of situations with the necessary equipment to prevent or minimise damage and danger.

Features Include:

  • Speed limiter -WABCO
  • Electric control, heated rear view mirrors – MEKRA
  • Trailer coupling (optional) – RINGFEDER 50 mm pin
  • Retarder (optional) – TELMA FN83-00
  • Climbing capacity at GVM – 80 %
  • Climbing capacity at GCM (off-road) – 38 %
  • Foam concentrate tank capacity – 200L
  • Water tank capacity – 8,800L
  • THT Pump – THT PKA 3000
Man at Fire Truck
Men Looking at Fire Truck
Fire Truck
SETS Team Fire Truck
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