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It’s no secret that the industries we primarily work with at SETS are heavily male orientated. From mining and construction to marine, oil & gas, and petrochemical, men are the fundamental workforce whom we support.

June 10th – 16th 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of International Men’s Health Week. This year the focus is on Men’s Health Checks and at SETS we’re here to remind and encourage all men to visit their GP for their 7 Men’s Health Check.

Throughout this article, we’re going to discuss the avoidable health concerns which the large number of men in our industry may be facing and how a simple trip to the doctor can catch any issues before it’s too late.



Getting men to visit a doctor is difficult enough, let alone when it comes to simply checking-in for an overall health assessment. The Australian Men’s Health Forum have compiled the essential ‘7 Men’s Health Checks’ which all men should be discussing with their GP as well as checking if their mates are doing the same. These 7 Men’s Health Checks include:

  1. Knowing Your Numbers
  2. Sense Assessment
  3. ‘Down Under’ check
  4. Cancer Check
  5. Heart Health
  6. Mental Health
  7. Daily Habits



Knowing your numbers means understanding the levels in which your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and body mass are indicating. Severe numbers/levels in these areas can dramatically affect your health and if left unchecked, may lead to serious issues such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and many more preventable issues.



Eye assessments, hearing checks, and dental visits are health check-ups we all know we should do as we age but typically are all things that easily slip through the cracks until they become a problem. Headaches from eye strain or misunderstanding instructions at work are just a couple of indicators that you may be due for a check-up with your GP.



It’s not a popular subject, in fact most men avoid it at all costs, but a prostate exam is a crucial test which your doctor performs to ensure your prostate remains in a healthy state. As with many health issues, the risk of developing prostate cancer increases with age, however lifestyle and genetics also play a part in this horrible disease.



Unfortunately nowadays, cancer is a disease which far too many people encounter. Cancerous cells can affect so many areas throughout the body, so it’s vital to get the right check-ups for your health and wellness. In the harsh environments in which many of our clients are based, taking care of both physical and mental health is essential.



Checking your heart health should be a priority to prevent Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). The most common and serious types of CVD include coronary heart disease, stroke, and heart failure, all of which contribute to CVD being the leading cause of death globally. Whether you’re showing symptoms or not, a simple health check could save your life.



Mental health has taken the spotlight over the last few years, which we at SETS think is fantastic. With many of our clients working away from their families and friends and based in remote environments such as mining, construction, and marine, mental health is a vital aspect for everyone to support. Whether you’re struggling yourself or have a mate who needs help, there are many avenues to seek assistance, such as Lifeline and Beyond Blue.



Smoking, alcohol consumption, and drug abuse are major contributors to both physical and mental health. Creating healthy habits such as including exercise into your routine and maintaining a healthy mental state show incredible benefits in reducing stress on the body. Create healthy habits and dramatically reduce your risk of developing health issues.


Prioritising Safe Environments

Providing safety training has been a focus for us at SETS since we were first established in 1998. Today, that includes not only providing safety and emergency training, but advocating for both physically and mentally safe working environments.

Ensure the men in your life are maintaining their health and visiting their GP for their 7 Men’s Health Check. For more information about Men’s Health Week 2024, visit Australian Men’s Health Forum.

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