FIFO Life: Tips to stay healthy on site

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Our physical and mental health is imperative to keep us functioning in our jobs, enjoy our time with family and, friends and live a happy and wholesome life for ourselves.

FIFO life means long hours on site, and even more hours away from loved ones, which means mental and physical health is even more crucial.

Fly in, fly out, drive in, drive out, bus in, and bus out workers keep the Australian economy moving, but it’s important they keep moving, happily and healthily too.

At SETS, we care about you and the families you go home to, so we want to help you live the best FIFO life possible! 


Start a conversation

Stress and anxiety, depression and anger issues rear their ugly heads at some point in all our lives.

Some people suffer more so than others, with a high number of FIFO workers at risk.

It’s said a problem shared is a problem halved. So, it’s time to get talking!

You don’t need to maintain a ‘tough guy’ exterior all the time.

With your superior, FIFO co-workers, on site or at home with your loved ones – starting a mental health conversation is the first step towards tackling any potential problems and looking after your mental health.

Good to know:

  •   The conversation should be informal and casual,
  •   You don’t have to let it all out, but you don’t have to keep it all in, either,
  •   Many people suffer in silence, but mental health struggles are more common than you’d think.

If you think what you’re going through is more than what your co-workers, superiors or family can help with, many support services exist to assist.

Services such as FIFO Focus, Lifeline and Beyond Blue, just to name a few.


Exercise regularly

Regular exercise helps the body and the mind and is an easy way to relieve stress and keep your health on check.

The good news, is FIFO workers have the ability to maintain their fitness on site, not just their week(s) off.

Here’s how:

  •   Get into a fitness routine at home and on site
  •   Utilise the mine site gym and either create a gym space at home or join an existing one
  •   Aim for 30 – 60 minutes of moderate physical activity per day – whether that’s a long, brisk walk, a jog or a combination of weights and cardio.
  •   Find what’s best for you and don’t overdo it. Fitness shouldn’t overtake rest and recovery.

Stick to a regular exercise routine and you’ll improve your muscle strength, boost endurance, heart and lung function and all those good chemicals in our brain and body.

Keeping fit helps us keep happy!


Fight for fit with food

Talking about your mental health and exercising will help you with a healthy, happy mind and body but you need to back it up with right fuel…good food!

Here’s how to stay healthy on site:

  •   Skip the hot breakfast option – bacon and hash browns are an occasional food. A fibre-filled breakfast like Weetbix and porridge with fruit, will set you up for a better work day.
  •   Limit large servings and meat and opt for at least half a plate of vegetables.
  •   Watch your snacks and limit biscuits and junk food – these too, are occasional foods.

Staying healthy at home:

  •   Mind your drinks – alcohol and sugary drinks are packed full of things your body doesn’t need. Remember, everything in moderation.
  •   Prepare food for site, including healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit, and corn thins with hummus or light peanut butter.

It’s time to fight for fit with healthy FIFO food habits.

FIFO life doesn’t have to negatively impact your mental and physical health, and it won’t, providing you don’t let it.

Use these tips at home and next time you’re on the mine site, for optimal mental and physical health.

Safer, smarter mine sites start with SETS. Contact us to find out more today.

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