Who’s excited for the Mining Emergency Response Competition 2021?!

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The SETS team is excited to be sponsoring the Mining Emergency Response Competition (MERC) again for 2021.

An annual Perth event that showcases and provides world-class emergency rescue and skill building exercises for volunteer mines rescue teams, it is a fantastic opportunity for the industry representatives, FIFO workers, mining families and the local community to view, firsthand, the skills of mining response teams who help to ensure safe workplaces and communities in the event of emergency.

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Read more from SETS Enterprises to see what it’s all about.


What does MERC involve?

From the 26th – 28th November at Langley Park, volunteer mines rescue teams from all over WA will compete in a series of emergency response scenarios, inspired by real-life situations, including: 

  • First Aid
  • Hazmat
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Fire Fighting
  • Vertical Rescue
  • Road Crash Rescue
  • ERT
  • Hazard and Risk

Accidents can happen on mining operations, and apart from meticulously following occupational health and safety practices, having the capabilities to respond properly to these emergencies is crucial.

But MERC is more than just a competition – it empowers the industry’s tight-knit community to connect and support one another, as well as provide you a great opportunity to hone in and refresh your skills, whether you’re on site as a FIFO worker, an industrial warehouse worker, tradesperson or just want to be prepared in an emergency situation.

Plus any money raised by MERC is donated to local charities. To date, MERC has donated over $350,000 to worthy charitable causes and this year’s charity is the Blue Tree Project.

For more information, visit the MERC website.


Turn to the safety and emergency training Perth experts

Practicing and learning new emergency and safety skills is an important aspect of safety in the workplace. Events like MERC 2021 allow just that, as well as the opportunity to network with other industry professionals.

SETS Enterprises are proud to be sponsoring MERC 2021 to continue upholding the safety standards in the mining industry.

To further safety and emergency training in the workplace, you can count on SETS Enterprises.


Why SETS Enterprises?

  • We’ve set and exceeded the standard for safety and emergency training services in Perth for over 20 years,
  • We offer a multitude of registered courses that cover emergency response, industrial and workplace safety, medical and health care needs, firefighting, equipment maintenance and refresher courses, and
  • We work hard to stay ahead of the game, by constantly updating our training, equipment, vehicles and deliverables to our valued customers.

When you choose SETS Enterprises for employee safety and emergency training in Perth, you know you’re making the best choice to keep everyone safe, smart and ready for anything.

Need safety and emergency training in Perth? Contact SETS Enterprises today for quality training services and personnel, equipment and vehicle hire.

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