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 In Fire & Emergency

Working on (or in) the mines is no easy job. That’s why it’s so important to have the skills, training and equipment to handle whatever situation may arise from your specified site work.

Accidents happen and the need for rescue presents itself from time to time.

Want to know how specialised safety and emergency equipment comes to the rescue?

Read more from the Perth safety and emergency training experts at SETS Enterprises to find out.


Confined space rescue 

Did you know, according to SafeWork Australia, a confined space is determined by the hazards associated with a specified situation. Contrary to popular belief, working in a confined space doesn’t mean work performed in a small space.

If you’re employed on a mine site, you probably know a thing or two about confined spaces. Hopefully, you would have completed a nationally recognised training course in confined spaces, like the one offered at SETS Enterprises.

Confined space rescue calls for this equipment:

  • Sliding beam anchors
  • Detachable cable sleeves
  • Fall protection kits
  • Hoist systems
  • Winches
  • Tripods
  • Portable fall arrest posts, and
  • Breathing apparatus

Talk to the team at SETS Enterprises about the equipment you need on a mine site to safely and successfully complete confined space work and rescue.


Vertical rescue

In an emergency rescue situation at work, it’s important everyone keeps cool, calm and collected.

Working at heights is a struggle for some, however, with the right training and equipment, almost anyone can complete it safely, with ease.

However, sometimes workers need to be quickly, efficiently and safely rescued and evacuated from heights.

This is the equipment needed for vertical rescues:

  • Harnesses 
  • Holsters
  • Ropes and pulleys
  • Stretchers
  • Climbing technology systems
  • Helmets
  • Anchor straps
  • Specialised gripping gloves
  • Runners, straps and loops.

Talk to the team at SETS Enterprises about the training and equipment you need on a mine site to safely and successfully complete work at heights and vertical rescue.


Road crash rescue

SETS Enterprises are trusted and relied upon by many to provide qualified personnel, safety equipment and vehicles to many mine sites across Western Australia.

In the instance of a road crash on site, it’s vital that responders and workers have the capabilities and capacity to perform safe road crash rescue.

What equipment is needed for road crash rescues?

  • Hand operated pumps
  • Hose reels and hand pump hoses
  • Glass management kits
  • Pneumatic lifting bags
  • Cutters and spreaders
  • Ram
  • Chains
  • Lighting equipment
  • Pup/power pack.

Talk to the team at SETS Enterprises to organise the equipment you need on a mine site to safely and successfully respond to road crash rescues.


Why rely on SETS Enterprises for safety equipment on mine sites?

There’s plenty of reasons why mine site workers, supervisors and managers know, trust and consistently rely upon SETS Enterprises for their safety equipment.

Let’s look at why:

  • All our equipment meets Australian standards of safety
  • Our equipment is tested for durability and effectiveness in harsh mine site conditions
  • The equipment, gear and tools save valuable energy and time to those operating them
  • All SETS Enterprise equipment is fit for purpose.


SETS Enterprises supply equipment to mine sites all across Western Australia. We have access to all the major, leading brands and we’re here to discuss your site requirements, make recommendations and supply comprehensive equipment solutions.

Contact SETS Enterprises today for all the safety equipment you need for your mine site.

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