A highly trained workforce is only as good as the tools at its disposal. In the event of an emergency or fire on a remote site, it’s vital you have the latest rescue and medical equipment on hand at all times, ready to roll. We can ensure your worksite is set up for success, with supply and hire of everything from emergency vehicles and trailers, right down to individual medical resources.

Fast Attacks / Light Tanker

Fire is fast but fire fighting should be faster. Fast Attacks are small fire trucks with the ability to fight fire at a moments notice. They are fully equipped with the resources that professionally trained fire fighters need to keep a fire at bay or control it before it spreads.


Rescue Trailer


An ambulance can save lives and should be your top priority on any remote site. We have a range of modern vehicles equipped for any terrain, fully stocked with medical equipment to suit your needs. To ensure your workers are in the best hands, we can also supply medics, emergency service officers and registered nurses who are fully trained and qualified to use the equipment provided.

Fire Trucks

At SETS we have a wide range of fire appliances for hire, from fire trucks to fire trailers, fire attacks, and even fire extinguishers and blankets. These resources are essential for the safety of your site and its workers. We can also provide training on how to use these resources to ensure that your site is ready if ever fire strikes. Our staff is highly knowledgeable when it comes to fire safety and can recommend the best vehicles and appliances for your needs. For more information and a comprehensive list of our available vehicles, contact the friendly team at SETS todays.

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