On-site Rescue Emergency Response Training Courses in Australia

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Would you like training customised to your specific work environment and equipment? SETS have you covered with our tailored, onsite training solutions across all states of Australia. 


What are the advantages of on-site training?

  • It’s easier to organise staff with training at their usual work site and there is no need for additional travel or accommodation arrangements. 
  • Training can be customised to your team’s requirements. 
  • Scenarios are tailored to your unique work environment. 
  • We can train your team using your own rescue equipment. 
  • With training onsite, it creates an opportunity for one of our emergency response  professionals to advise on any equipment gaps. 
  • One trainer can deliver different courses over a series of days. 
  • Flexible with number of attendees (minimum charge applies)
  • On-site training can often be a highly cost effective option. 


How is on-site training different to training at SETS Balcatta?

On-site training allows scenarios to be tailored to your unique work environment. Not only does it take into account your specific hazards but also incorporates your internal processes to ensure that training is realistic and relevant. On-site training enhances engagement and learning.


Where will SETS travel to deliver training?

Our head office is based in Perth, and we can mobilise training staff, equipment and vehicles to any site in Australia.


Who supplies the equipment for onsite training? 

We encourage clients to utilise their own equipment for training. This improves learning retention by teaching attendees to use the exact equipment they’ll use in a real-world emergency. 

We understand that some sites may not have all the equipment needed for the course. In this case, we can supply equipment. Working out what is required will be discussed in the planning stages.

A benefit of having a trainer onsite is that they can offer advice on the best way to fill any equipment gaps or required upgrades. 


Are there minimum and maximum numbers of participants required for on-site training? 

Trainer-student ratios are very important to us. To ensure positive learning outcomes and student safety,  we require a minimum of 6, in most circumstances in order to replicate an ERT team and its functions (e.g. confined space rescue) and we can accommodate student numbers up to a maximum of 10 with one trainer. We can certainly negotiate further to suit your requirements.


How can you book on-site training?

A training date(s) and timeframe can be scheduled to suit you, via phone or email. After the initial conversation, we’ll discuss (over phone or email) your specific requirements and establish what equipment you have available for training purposes. This series of communications will ensure that you receive tailored training that meets your specific needs.


What needs to be done before on-site training can take place?

Our Training Coordinators will provide you with information and advice so that SETS can create an optimal training experience. This includes:

  • Explaining desired outcomes
  • Sharing a list of available equipment
  • Sharing internal processes that are relevant to the specific training
  • Ensuring that any course pre-requisites are met

Another important pre-training step is to make sure that everyone who needs to attend is not rostered to work and/or they have cover.


Why choose SETS?

We are passionate about ensuring that worksites across Australia are ready for any emergency situation that arises and that passion is demonstrated by our exceptional training:

  • Our trainers all have real-life experience with specialities. 
  • Many of our trainers are still actively employed as emergency responders.
  • We use high quality training equipment.
  • The training is realistic – we use live fire and smoke – and relevant to industry.
  • We tailor training to your environment and processes


Are you ready for the convenience of on-site rescue and emergency response training? Call the SETS office today on (08) 9240 5191.

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