Fire Trucks, Fire Appliances and Fast Attacks Vehicles Ready for Hire in Perth, Western Australia.

 In Fire & Emergency

Last year’s bushfires devastated the nation and brought attention to the importance of access to fire trucks and fast attacks, particularly during the coming warmer months. 

Here at SETS, we believe a highly trained workforce is only as good as the tools at its disposal – that’s why we aim to be reliable providers of mine spec ready, fire and emergency response vehicles for either short or long term hire.


Fire Appliances

At SETS, we own and maintain a fleet of over 10 purpose-built Fire Appliances, both heavy and light, these vehicles range from 600L capacity through to 3000L. Our vehicles are available to suit any requirements or job you may have, with the option to be equipped with fire fighting equipment, road crash rescue tools, or Draeger BA gear – whatever the situation, you will always be prepared. 


SV52 Vehicle 

The T4000 Mazda fire trucks are equipped to carry 1000 litres of water using a Darley pump. It is a 4 door, 6 seater vehicle and requires a manual driver’s license to drive in Western Australia. Small and agile, this vehicle is perfect for use in metropolitan areas. 


SV63 Vehicle

The FTS750 Isuzu fire trucks are equipped to carry a whopping 3000 litres of water using a deluge system. It is a 4WD manual vehicle with dual 30m hose reels and crew deck fire nozzles. This vehicle is capable of use in rural and rugged terrain. 


Fire Attacks

Fire is fast but fire fighting should be faster. Fast Attacks are small fire trucks with the ability to fight fire at a moment’s notice. They are fully equipped with the resources that professionally trained firefighters need to keep a fire at bay or control it before it spreads. Contact us to see our range of fire attacks available for hire. 


With a fleet of 35 emergency vehicles (and counting) available for hire Australia-wide, we’ll help you find a vehicle for any circumstance. If what you’re looking for is not listed on our website, contact us today to discuss your needs. Reach out via phone at (08) 9240 5191 or email at


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